Chase Rice Gives Insight to His Next Album with Memories of his Dad

Chase Rice Gives Insight to His Next Album with Memories of his Dad

Chase Rice is getting ready to work on a new project, and he’s ready to take his music in a more personal direction than ever before.

As Chase honored the passing of his father this week, he shared on social media, “Lost my dad 14 years ago today (May 18th). Never got a chance to drink a beer with him or take him on man to man, which is probably good cause he would have whipped my ass. He was one of the good ones. And he’s all over this next album, I dove into stuff that’s affected me for years but never talked about. Can’t wait for him to hear it, and y’all. Love you dad.

Chase also shared another important figure in his life right now that might inspire music for his new project, “Don’t think for a second there ain’t gonna be a song about Jack on this new album.”

We can’t wait to see what Chase Rice comes up with.

The first taste of his new musical direction is “If I Were Rock & Roll.”

Headline Photo Credit: Kaiser Cunningham
Additional Photos Courtesy of Chase Rice



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