Logo Changes

Logos need to be kept in sync across many different properties, including station web site headers, apps, business cards, Corporate’s central library, etc. Many of these changes rely on 3rd parties and multiple personnel to implement. As such, you can not change your logo by yourself. Changes must go through the corporate digital team. The changes take time and it’s in your best interest to submit at least a week before the logo needs to change.

To have your logo changed:

  1. ANY logo change must go through Service Desk. Log in with your Cumulus user name and password, or email support.digital@cumulus.com
  2. Logo change requests must be accompanied by written approval (a “triple-sign-off” or “TSO”) from Brian Philips or John Dimick, and one of the following:
    • The Corporate Program Director for your format
    • Your Station PD
    • Your Market Manager
  3. If you are changing the name of your station, you must clear the new name with the lawyer assigned to your market.
  4. If Cumulus Digital are designing or altering your logo for you, low resolution example artwork will be provided in order for you to obtain approvals and clearance from legal. Once you have approvals, Digital can provide high resolution artwork including JPG, PNG, and vector EPS files. High resolution artwork will not be provided without approvals to prevent confusion in the case that changes need to be made.
  5. If you have had your logo designed elsewhere, the logo must be submitted in a service desk ticket as a vector EPS or AI file without bitmap or raster effects. Photoshop cannot create vector graphics. Do not simply save a bitmap (JPG, GIF, PNG) as EPS, or paste a bitmap file into Illustrator. See this helpful website for the difference between bitmap and vector graphics formats. This will allow your logo to scale for any usage without quality loss.
  6. Once you have a design, you must clear the new design with the lawyer assigned to your market even if you do not plan on registering a trademark. If you plan to get a trademark, be aware that any differences—orientations (horizontal, vertical, stacked, etc) and colors—are considered different logos under the law and you will need to register all variants which are in use.

If you have had your logo produced locally and cannot provide a vector EPS, we may be forced to attempt to trace or recreate your logo. We often do not have the resources available to perform such transformations, and may not be available to perform this for you. If we are available to do it, we cannot guarantee the final result will perfectly match the provided bitmap file. Photographic (aka bitmap or raster) effects such as bevels, some shadows, lens flare, etc cannot be reproduced in vector form.


Please let us know when your change should be made public. The digital team can update your website masthead logo at any time. All other uses of your logo on your website, such as in posts or promo reel slides, are local responsibility along with social. Other updates such as Sweet Deals, business card printer, etc. involve 3rd parties and must be done during regular business hours. 3rd parties may take 24-48 hours to process the changes. Updates to your station app must be approved by the app stores (Apple, Google, etc), and we cannot control their timelines. Plan on at least 2 weeks for app updates.

Please note that in the case of confidential changes and format flips, 3rd parties will not be notified until after such changes are made public.