Kodak Black Blows off Boston Show-Was lost- But He’s Been Found

Update:  Kodak Black is in custody.  He was arrested on weapons and drugs charges at the US Border after entering the US from Canada.  You can read more here.

Things got ugly last night in Boston at the House of Blues when Kodak Black pulled his show last minute.  Judging by videos posted here the crowd can be heard chanting, “F*ck Kodak” after they were told he wouldn’t be showing up.  They also swarmed the tour bus and threw drinks at the bus as the crowd became unruly.  Boston PD stepped in.  The story gets weirder.  This morning his team is claiming they don’t know where he is.  TMZ is reporting that Kodak performed in Detroit on Saturday night and went missing sometime after that.  His last tweet was a RT on 4.16.

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