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How To: Add a Local Prize to a National Contest

Be sure to contact the assigned attorney for your market to develop specific contest rules for your local prize, you will need to include them in the changes you will make below. Local prizes can not be added to a contest once it has begun, per FCC regulation. Most* National contests allow you to add…Continue Reading

Your Front Page Promo Reel

Your Front Page Promo Reel is the #1 position for promotion and news on your site.  It is the largest element and commands the greatest attention from your visitors.  While you can use it for sales, we would recommend you don’t out of respect for your reader’s attention.  Visitors should expect this position to always bring them…Continue Reading

Logo Changes

Logos need to be kept in sync across many different properties, including station web site headers, apps, business cards, Corporate’s central library, etc. Many of these changes rely on 3rd parties and multiple personnel to implement. As such, you can not change your logo by yourself. Changes must go through the corporate digital team. The changes take…Continue Reading